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Happy Birthday to Us! It’s tugo’s One-Year Anniversary

Last March’s TGA Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas was the official launch of the tugo. Hard to believe, but that means that it has been on the market for a year now! A lot has happened in that year, and our blog has included some of the highlights, like in July when the tugo was featured on the Today Show, or in August when KLM Airlines’s iFly magazine included the tugo with such travel necessities...
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We Want Your “Best Seatmate” Story

Photo by Caribb via Flickr Last year we asked for your “Worst Seatmate” stories, and we heard about fidgeting, fit-throwing, flatulence, and funky breath. In the leftover holiday spirit, now we want to know your best experience while sitting next to a stranger on a plane. Did someone help you when you needed a hand, or show some generosity when you least expected it? We want to know your best airplane...
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Holiday Gift Guide: Busy Moms

Here’s a list of gifts for the mom on your list to help her relax, stay organized and energized all day. 5:30 Challenge Cookbook The 5:30 Challenge – 5 ingredients, 30 minutes, dinner on the table.  What mom would say no to that? tugo tugo is reusable, durable and dishwasher safe! And every mom can use an extra hand (and an extra shot of espresso…). The Mommy Hook Use The Mommy Hook on your...
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Goodies Galore at Coffee Fest Seattle 2009

Coffee Fest Seattle 2009 was held downtown at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center September 25-27. This was the first coffee-themed show for the tugo team, and we knew it was going to be fun… …and it was! The smell of fresh pulls started shortly before the doors opened each day, and lasted until the final attendees filtered out. The energy was high (perhaps due to the availability...
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Holiday Gift Guide: Coffee Lovers

It’s that time of year and we’ve been thinking a lot about who our clever cup holder might be a good gift for. We’ve come up with a few “categories” and to start, we’re so excited to share our favorite picks for the coffee lover on your list this year.  Be sure to check back  in the next few weeks as we have many gift ideas to share with you.  Happy shopping! Peet's...
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Are you good tugo for the holidays?

The tugo makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for the traveler in your life… …Or get one to upgrade your own holiday travel experience! We always hope our travels are smooth sailing, but we all know the reality of traveling during the holiday season. With a tugo attached to your bag, any layover or delay will include the extra convenience of a “third hand.” Anything that can make a...
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We Want Your “Worst Seatmate” Story

On the classic Seinfeld episode titled "The Airport," Elaine's seatmate doesn't like to check his bags, so getting to the bathroom is quite comical. Ah, air travel. Where else do you end up in a confined space, sitting elbow to elbow with someone (or two people, if you are the unlucky middle seat!) you have never met for an extended period of time? This situation can lead to some extreme but...
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In Good Company

We are lucky to have had a lot of interest in our new tugo product, and have had great feedback from a wide range of bloggers and publications. One of our personal favorites, however, has to be the online magazine from KLM Airlines called iFly. In their special summer edition, the tugo was included in their “Travel Goodies” section. Following are snapshots of the company the tugo keeps. Allow us...
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Why do I love my tugo?

Convenience. During my “dwell time,” that time once through security spent waiting at the gate, the tugo makes shopping, walking and sitting easier because then I don’t have to juggle my coffee along with all my other belongings (usually a rolling bag, purse, laptop, jacket, ticket, travel pillow, and of course my coffee!). Conversation. It never fails to draw comments and attention while...
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Being Good at tugo™

tugo luggage drink holders and the folks at Fli, LLC are consciously making decisions to make the smallest environmental impact possible. From the very beginning the only option in our eyes was to use a material for the product that is made without phthalates. Phthalates are mainly used to increase the flexibility, transparency, durability and longevity of plastics, and are being phased out of many products...
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