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Real Men Travel with tugo

A recent tweet gave us some unexpected kudos: David Otunga is indeed a WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) superstar; check out his wrestling bio here. He’s also real-life lawyer, big-time coffee lover and is married to Jennifer Hudson. We’re glad we can add some convenience to his airport experience. You can make your travels a little less stressful, too; enter coupon code otunga in our online...
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Holiday Gift Guide: For the caffeine fiend on your list

Caffeine isn’t just for drinking anymore. There seems to be a competition to add caffeine to the wackiest products possible. We’ve included a list that can help you with your holiday shopping, or at least entertain you with the bizarre items included. Even Consumer Reports has noticed, in this article from October 2011. Loco Cocoa Caffeinated Hot Chocolate Stay Puft Marshmallows – The World’s...
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Buckle Your Seatbelt: tugo is Taking a Tour of Airports

Whether you travel just once a year, once a month or even more, airports can quickly start to look the same. There are, however a lot of unique and interesting airport features out there, and we’re going to take you state-by-state to find the must-see attractions at each major airport so you can scope out your stop ahead of time and be sure to check it out for yourself. Here’s a preview to get you...
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Snarky Stuff: Gear That Will Make You Smile

“Snarky” is definitely becoming a popular term these days. Whether you believe the dictionary (derived from “snort?!” Hmmm, dunno about that…) or prefer to think of it as a combination of “snide” and “cranky” as we do, you’re bound to appreciate the wit of the following items that have popped up recently. Show the world your snarky side and we’ll...
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2011 Travel Goods Show Recap

The 2011 Travel Goods Show was held March 6th – 8th at the McCormick Place Exposition Center in Chicago, IL. It is one of the largest convention venues in the country, which is fitting because this year the largest travel goods show and the largest home and housewares show combined to make a very busy few days! Our booth was looking just as snazzy as usual. Once the show began there were of course people...
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Black Friday: Our Biggest Sale Ever!

Announcing our biggest sale ever! Get 30% off all products in the tugo store (click here) if you use the coupon code blackfriblog Hurry! This deal won’t last long… and while you’re at it, check out our gift guides from the archives for ideas: The Ultimate Cup / Drink Holder Gift Guide Holiday Gift Guide: Travelers Holiday Gift Guide: Coffee Lovers Holiday Gift Guide: Busy Moms Holiday Gift...
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The Ultimate Cup / Drink Holder Gift Guide

For the true cup holder connoisseur in your life, we have compiled the best cup or drink holders available to make this year’s holiday shopping a snap. What drink holder fan wouldn’t want a gift basket overflowing with the items displayed below?!? We start with the obvious- tugo plus h2otugo from goodtugo.com “keeps your drink suspended between the upright handles of your rolling bag.” Claims: “Its...
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Staying Healthy While Flying

When it’s time to travel, many of us abandon our healthy habits well before reaching the security check-point. Last-minute packing, negotiating crowded airports, and long flights breathing recycled cabin-air can cause even the most healthy traveler to feel stressed and downright ill. However, by taking a few precautions, you can stay healthy and enjoy your next trip. Before You Board Get some rest: It’s...
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Now the tugo + h2otugo™ will carry ALL your drinks!

The tugo™ isn’t just for coffee and fountain drinks anymore! With the new h2otugo™ accessory now available, the tugo can now carry water bottles, juices, baby bottles… pretty much anything you can fit in the 2 3/4″ wide opening that you want to keep handy during travel. Retail options now include the basic tugo, the tugo + h2otugo, and just the h2otugo if you already have a tugo but want...
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Maxim puts a new spin on the tugo

We were certainly surprised when we heard that Maxim Magazine (yes, THAT Maxim) was going to include the tugo in their summer travel article. Not exactly the demographic we had been targeting… …but leave it to them to come up with a new selling point we had not thought of: picking up chicks. Find it on page 40 of the July 2010 issue; now available at newsstands.
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