SkyMall now features tugo!

If you’re flying at some point during the remainder of 2011, be sure to pick up the copy of SkyMall in the seat pocket in front of you and flip to page 49…


Ta daaah! There is tugo, featured in the “Inventor’s Showcase” section. It’s just above shoe insoles that “keep the spring in your step and help eliminate chronic back pain” and beside health and fitness gloves that “tone upper body muscles while burning more calories.” You know, all the essentials. What else would you expect from SkyMall?!




You can also find tugo on the SkyMall website here into the new year.



SkyMall now features tugo!

2 Responses to “SkyMall now features tugo!”

  1. Congrats folks! This is an ideal placement. Have to make sure that Tom & Deb know so they can issue an update from the Inventor Showcase (where we met you). Best wishes for continued success!

  2. Megan McGregor says:

    Thanks so much, Alyson! We appreciate the support.
    Best wishes to you as well. Happy holidays!

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