Buckle Your Seatbelt: tugo is Taking a Tour of Airports

Whether you travel just once a year, once a month or even more, airports can quickly start to look the same. There are, however a lot of unique and interesting airport features out there, and we’re going to take you state-by-state to find the must-see attractions at each major airport so you can scope out your stop ahead of time and be sure to check it out for yourself.

Here’s a preview to get you started. Can you match the airport with its claim to fame (if you want to call them that) below?

  • A. Denver
  • B. Chicago O’Hare
  • C. Atlanta
  • D. Vegas
  • E. Charlotte
  • F. Minneapolis
  • G. San Francisco
  • H. Philadelphia
  1. Minute Suites (at two of the above airports!) offer small but clean and plush rooms for relaxing, doing business, or napping! Pricing starts at a $30 minimum for an hour, adds $7.50 for each additional 15-minute increment, and at more than 4 hours various discounts apply. There are also special rates for pilots, airline employees, and military personnel.

    Photo Credit: Jaunted

  2. The “Freshen Up!” Store is a great idea, offering shower rooms, massage chairs, a place to iron your clothes and lots of travel-sized toiletries and basics that would come in handy if stranded, like underwear, socks, and pantyhose. Why doesn’t every airport have one of these?!

    Photo Credit: Stuck At the Airport

  3. Live Bathroom Attendants at this airport will greet you, guide you to the a stall and even pump the hand towel machine for you. Their purpose, however, is reported to be to regulate bathroom traffic and maintain cleanliness. So we guess it makes sense. Kind of.
  4. “Fountain of the Future” Super-Deluxe Coca-Cola Machines with touch-screens that let you select from around 100 options can provide minutes of entertainment while waiting at the airport in the town that is home to Coke headquarters.

    Photo Credit: Jaunted



  5. A Liquor Store Near Baggage Claim doesn’t actually exist at this airport yet, but the airport considering adding this store will come as no surprise. Probably not a great idea, but no doubt would be successful.
  6. Pirates Statues, through August 2011, are entertainment for both the young and the old, especially since pirates are currently so popular (thanks, Johnny!). Life-sized statues are scattered around this airport, promoting an exhibit at this city’s Museum of Nature & Science.

    Photo Credit: Stuck At the Airport

  7. “Sugar Pop” Candy Shop provides a happy diversion for both the youngsters and the young at heart that are on the go at this airport.

    Photo Credit: Jaunted

  8. “Magic Ad” Bathroom Mirrors and Water Fountains with Waterbottle Refill Features will keep travelers busy at this airport. The mirrors display ads until you approach, then magically switch to a regular mirror until you walk away. Neat because of the novelty, but they have a high potential to get on your nerves if they become commonplace. Can’t we pee in peace?!

    Photo Credit: Jaunted

    These neat water fountains with a water bottle refill option won’t be annoying however, just handy (and eco-conscious!). Especially if the liquids ban stays in place for the long-term. We love!

    Photo Credit: Jaunted

    There is a spot in the back to place your bottle where a sensor will fill your bottle super-quickly without even having to touch a button. There is a “Green Ticker” counting the number of plastic bottles it saves as it goes. Hooray!


So if you know of a must-see attraction at an airport near (or far from) you, let us know! You might see it in an upcoming edition.

Answers: A. 6; B. 8; C. 1 and 4; D. 5 (of course!); E. 3; F. 7; G. 2; H. 1

Credits: Jaunted and Stuck At the Airport blogs

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