Travel Smart: 10 Android Apps for Travelers

If you’re a frequent flyer with an Android smartphone, you can make your next trip a little easier by downloading some of the best travel apps available in the Android Market. There are hundreds to choose from, including fantastic free apps, all designed to help you quickly locate your destination, stay connected at the airport, and navigate new cities and languages.

Clocks Around the World

See the date and time in multiple cities around the world. This simple app lets you sync your clocks and makes it easy to chat or meet up with friends anywhere, anytime.

Trip It

This app claims to act as your own travel agent, letting you see your travel itineraries with all the details. Just send confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com and your travel information is added and synced.

Hotels Near Me
Find a last-minute place to stay with this GPS hotel finder. More than 70,000 hotels in 71 different countries are included in the database.

Toilet/Bathroom Finder

Just like it sounds, Toilet Finder helps you locate the nearest public restrooms nearby. More than 60,000 toilet places around the world are included, and the app benefits from user-contributions — people report new or missing toilets.

Taxi Magic

This handy app lets you book a taxi without dialing the phone. A late night in a new city often means scrambling to figure out the nearest taxi company to call. This app lets you find taxis nearby, track your dispatched taxi on a map and pay by credit card.


This app is the perfect tool to help you use public transportation in an unfamiliar city. See maps of transit systems all over the world — subways, metro, buses, trains and more. Find the right route between stations and estimate travel time.


Whether you’re traveling for business or school, Dropbox is a lifesaver because it makes it possible to bring your files with you. Quickly access and send your files no matter where you travel.

Talk to Me

This real-time speech translator for Android recognizes seven languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese and Japanese. It also performs direct speech-to-speech translations.

Wi-Fi Finder

Quickly find free or paid Wi-Fi when you travel with JiWire Wi-Fi Finder. Using the GPS on your phone, the Wi-Fi finder will tell you exactly where the closest Wi-Fi hotspots are and how to get there. Includes over 200,000 locations worldwide.


This fun app lets you record your trips and share them with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and various photo-sharing sites. Document your vacation experiences by tracking your route and recording photos, video and notes.

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