tugo Receives an Honorable Mention at DaVinci Inventor Showcase

tugo won an Honorable Mention at the Sixth Annual DaVinci Inventor Showcase “in recognition of exceptional ingenuity, creative genius, and product development skills.” Apparently the voting was so close that they had to add us in! We were so proud, even if they did initially mis-credit the invention to our VP (which is now corrected here on their website). Our booth featured an upgrade for us: a monitor playing the video of the tugo in action. Aren’t we getting fancy?!

The keynote speaker, Robert Stoll, the United States Patent and Trademark Office Commissioner, was a wealth of information in regards to the status of patenting and changes ahead.

The winner of the “Inventor of the Year” award, Jerome Rifkin of Tensegrity Prosthetics, was the most remarkable. “Breaking from established technology paradigms in the prosthetics world,” they created a foot prosthesis that emulates the natural human foot.

They had models at the showcase that you could strap on like stilts and feel what it is like to walk with a prosthesis. Truly amazing stuff!

Their foot prosthetic was so humbling, we decided we should change our tag line from “Changing the way you travel, one drink at a time” to “You change the world,  we’ll hold your coffee.”

There were hundreds of booths, some of them quite intriguing…

… all in all it was an inspiring event and a great example of just how many people and groups there are out there supporting new ideas, inventions and entrepreneurs. The DaVinci Institute said: “The true value of an event like this is within the ‘positive human collisions’ that take place between everyone who attends.” So true! We were honored to be a part of it.

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