Share Your Favorite Store With Us

As a (very) small business, people are always wanting to help us out and give us suggestions. We frequently hear “I know a store that should sell the tugo!”

So… here’s your chance! Recommend a store to us that should have the tugo on the shelves, and if they get on board as a retailer you’ll get a $20 gift certificate from giftcertificates.com to treat yourself to something nice. You deserve it!


It’s simple: just fill out the form linked here. If you’re able to tell someone at the store about the tugo before we contact them, even better!

And we always want to hear your feedback, not just about potential retailers. Contact us anytime!

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3 Responses to “Share Your Favorite Store With Us”

  1. Below are some store recommendations:
    Bed, Bath & Beyond
    Wilson Leather
    Caribou Coffee
    Hudson News (at many airports)
    Hotel gift shops
    These are all large chains that may be hard to break into.

    Heritage Gifts & Imports
    300 William Street
    Fredericksburg, VA

    Whittingham (and The Kitchen)
    1021 Caroline Street
    Fredericksburg, Virginia

  2. Megan McGregor says:

    Thanks, Caroline! We will add these to the list. And if any of them become a tugo retailer, we will certainly be getting back to you!

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