Happy Birthday to Us! It’s tugo’s One-Year Anniversary

Last March’s TGA Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas was the official launch of the tugo. Hard to believe, but that means that it has been on the market for a year now!

Birthday_TUGOA lot has happened in that year, and our blog has included some of the highlights, like in July when the tugo was featured on the Today Show, or in August when KLM Airlines’s iFly magazine included the tugo with such travel necessities as Dom Perignon and Chanel No. 5. Also prominent on our list of highlights were FOXNews.com listing the tugo as one of their “Five Travel Gadgets Worth Giving” and, most recently, a featured product on the Rachael Ray Show.

We look forward to the coming year as we get ready to launch our new accessory, h2Otugo, which will allow you to carry a water bottle, soda can, or potentially anything that fits that you want to have close at hand on your rolling bag while you travel. Stay tuned for more information!

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Also look for a special deal in April to mark the one-year anniversary of our website!

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