Goodies Galore at Coffee Fest Seattle 2009

Coffee Fest Seattle 2009 was held downtown at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center September 25-27. This was the first coffee-themed show for the tugo team, and we knew it was going to be fun…tugo booth at coffeefest

…and it was! The smell of fresh pulls started shortly before the doors opened each day, and lasted until the final attendees filtered out. The energy was high (perhaps due to the availability of caffeinated samples around each corner?!?) and the days went by quickly.
We each made sure to get a chance to wander the aisles and see what was out there. Following is my list of favorites:

  • Vessel's Terra Porcelain Tumbler

    Vessel's Terra Porcelain Tumbler

    Favorite mocha: Dilettante Chocolates. Conveniently located in the booth next to us at the show, their samples were smooth and chocolately yet not overly sweet. Dreamy! They have a Mocha Cafe location inside security (Central Terminal) in Sea-Tac airport that is open 24/7, as well as several locations around Seattle for you to try if you are in the area.

  • Favorite mug: Vessel’s Terra Porcelain Tumbers look like the disposable cups, but much cuter and much better for the environment! Dishwasher safe, and the lid is made of silicone. My personal favorite (I had to throw a few elbows to come home with it!) was the Birds & Leaves style at right. They also have great stainless steel waterbottles.
  • Favorite treat: Poco Dolce‘s toffee squares are out of this world. That would explain why they quickly sold out. We got several tins to bring back to the family members with a sweet tooth. And we did have to go back for samples several times during the show.
  • Favorite mints: Mints were a common offering, as they are a natural (and necessary) follow-up to the coffee, but I liked the Mirror Mints from Little i because the mints are small and powerful. Plus, the tin they come in has a dispenser inside with a mirror to check your teeth after getting your buzz on. Cute!
  • Favorite non-coffee beverage: A tie between Pixie‘s Lemon Ginger Black Tea Mate and Bellagio Sipping Chocolate from Caffe D’Amore. Both delicious but different, and a nice switch from the widely available coffee.

    XPress Lid by SmartCup

    XPress Lid by SmartCup

  • Favorite cup accessories: Stickers to cover your coffee lid’s opening from CruzinCap. So simple, and prevents that common problem of sloshing during transport. Click here for a free cap sampler.
  • Favorite new product: French Press XPress Lid by SmartCup, a single-use, single-serve, recyclable lid with a built-in press that fits standard 16 oz. hot cups. Since French Press is the only way to prepare coffee for serious coffee aficionados (or so I hear), this lets them get their fix on the run. Also great for tea lovers; just add hot water to the loose tea, then push the plunger when brewed to your liking.

As it was our first coffee-themed show, we signed up to participate in the “Tinker’s Minute” New Product Showcase held in the lobby before the doors opened on the first day. See the video of Megan and Kelli’s old-timey submission here. We didn’t win, but it was fun. Hey, fake moustaches are always cool!

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  2. D. Robbins says:

    I bet the sticker used to cover the lid opening from CruzinCap would be a “great”
    companion with the TUGO!!!!!!!!!!

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