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Although the main reason the tugo is so clever is because it is so simple, there are a few things to keep in mind and some questions we often get about the product:

Q: Does the coffee (or drink) slosh as you pull your bag?

A: There are several ways to minimize any spillage, although there is no way to make it completely spill-proof. We suggest using the same amount of care with the drink that you would use if you were carrying it in your hand.

Aim cup opening toward handle

Aim cup opening toward handle

If you aim the opening in the coffee lid toward the stem of the luggage handle (which is also toward the arrow on the tugo labeled “cup opening”), the forward and back motion of the liquid as you pull will keep the liquid contained in the lid.

Taking a sip or two off the top of the drink before inserting it into the tugo will also help minimize sloshing.

There are several products out there made to keep your drink in the cup. There are “sticks” that plug the oblong opening, and stickers that cover the hole. Both are great to eliminate slosh completely.

Q: Can I use the tugo for my waterbottle? What types and sizes of cups fit in the tugo?

A: Any size of coffee drink (hot or cold) will fit in the tugo, as well as small and medium (up to 20 oz.) fountain drink cups. A reusable mug that is similar in shape to a take-away cup will also usually fit. Most water bottles don’t currently work in the tugo, but the retro-fit mesh bag is on its way from the engineer that will make it possible to use the tugo for water bottles, baby bottles, and anything else (potentially a phone? but not at the same time as a drink!) that you would like to stick in it for quick and easy access during your travel. Join our mailing list to receive notification when the accessory is available or check back frequently.

Q: Can the tugo be used on other things? What about my bike/motorcycle/stroller/shopping cart?

A: The tugo was designed using the specs and measurements to fit between the handles of most rolling luggage. It’s possible it could work in other places; if you have used it in a unique way we want to know! Contact us or send us a picture!

Easy Storage

Easy Storage

Q: I don’t think I would remember to use the tugo.

A: My tugo lives in the front pocket of my rolling bag, even when I return from my trip and store my bag. That way it is always there when I need it! Granted, this does not remind me to get the tugo out of the pocket, but I’m afraid we can’t do anything about that. The convenience the tugo adds to my airport downtime is enough of a reminder for me.

We hope this helps you get the most out of your tugo. If you have any other questions or comments, we want to know!

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