We Want Your “Worst Seatmate” Story

On "Seinfeld," Elaine's seatmate doesn't like to check his bags, so getting to the bathroom is quite comical.

On the classic Seinfeld episode titled "The Airport," Elaine's seatmate doesn't like to check his bags, so getting to the bathroom is quite comical.

Ah, air travel. Where else do you end up in a confined space, sitting elbow to elbow with someone (or two people, if you are the unlucky middle seat!) you have never met for an extended period of time? This situation can lead to some extreme but extremely entertaining stories.

We want to know your worst airplane seatmate story! Leave a comment by 5pm PST on Wednesday 9/9/09, and we will select someone at random to win a tugo luggage drink holder!

Here’s an example to get you started. I once was flying from DFW to DEN and ended up sitting next to a chatty woman. Once the flight got under way, as she begins to tell me a long story, she reaches into her bag to pull out a roll of floss and proceeds to floss her teeth while turned in her seat to face me and tell her story! I have to say I can’t remember the details whatsoever because I was so preoccupied by watching for spray and generally being grossed out.

So that’s pretty bad, but there must be worse out there… let’s have ‘em!

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6 Responses to “We Want Your “Worst Seatmate” Story”

  1. I sat by a huge huge man on a flight from LAX to the South East (about 6 hours).
    He had the window and I had the middle seat.
    His legs were so huge that his thigh reached about 6 inches into my seat area. On top of this he was nervously bouncing his leg almost the entire flight, which was rubbing up against my leg with every jiggle.
    I felt really awkward but I knew he couldn’t really help his size.
    Sucked for me though!

  2. Condo Blues says:

    On a flight from London to the US, a little girl cried and whined for the entire flight with her parents doing nothing to try to distract her with something positive or try to calm her down for the entire flight. This wasn’t the typical crying baby on a plane story – the crying girl was 8 YEARS OLD. Her 5 year old sister (who was a more likely candidate for crying on a plane) was quiet and a perfect little passenger.

  3. Ted says:

    For me, it’s easily the time I had the middle (“friendship”) seat in the back row up against the bulkhead (read: no reclining). The guy in the window seat next to me was huge. 100+ pounds overweight, overflowing into my seat from every angle.

    Then he fell asleep for most of the 6-hour flight.

    And he snored. Loudly. And was VERY flatulent in his blissful slumber.

    What a hellish flight.

  4. jessiev says:

    i don’t think i can top ted’s story. hoo boy! that is funny (bc it isn’t me)…mine was a very chatty seatmate with Extremely Bad Breath. I about died from trying to hold my breath. too bad it was all the way to Japan!

  5. Megan McGregor says:

    Congratulations to Can Can (Mom Most Traveled), the winner of our tugo contest! Please email megan@goodtugo.com with your address and we will get it in the mail. Thanks for participating.

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