Why do I love my tugo?

  1. Convenience. During my “dwell time,” that time once through security spent waiting at the gate, the tugo makes shopping, walking and sitting easier because then I don’t have to juggle my coffee along with all my other belongings (usually a rolling bag, purse, laptop, jacket, ticket, travel pillow, and of course my coffee!).
  2. Conversation. It never fails to draw comments and attention while strolling through the terminal. Once someone even wanted to take a picture of it while standing in the bathroom! (see #4 below). Well, that may not actually be a reason to love it, but it was pretty amusing.
  3. Children. If you have a kid and travel, you know what I mean! That extra hand to keep a drink stowed is even more remarkable when you have a little one (or two, or three…) in tow. Also, the tugo is dishwasher safe. Not sure why that would help, but I’m sure there are parents out there that would appreciate the fact.
  4. Cleanliness. My personal favorite, because when I go into the bathroom with my coffee I don’t have to put it down on any bathroom surfaces. There’s just something about putting my drink on anything in there that gives me the heebie-jeebies. I used to have to plan out my dwell time to make sure I made my pitstop before I refueled. No longer! I can feel free to caffeinate whenever the mood strikes.
    Charmaine and her tugo in the EUG airport. Look at that convenience!

    Charmaine and her tugo in the EUG airport. Look at that convenience!


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