Prepare for Take Off: Our Favorite Recent Travel Links

We’ve found (and tweeted) lots of great links and resources over the last couple of weeks. We thought we’d share some of our favorites with you here.

10 Travel Accessories Essential for Any Overseas Trip: Matador Travel offers its suggestions for 10 essential travel accessories. I don’t know that I’d classify them all as “essential,” but some pretty interesting things to consider for your next trip. Some of the essentials on the list assume travel to Europe or other “wired” country. I suppose that I’d consider the ability to stay connected through the Web and my phone would be essential. However, regardless of the power of your dongle, out of the way places and developing countries aren’t likely to have a 3G network to which you can connect. In that case, your “essentials” list might change a bit.

It’s Official: Business Travel Broadens the Mind: Mark Mortensen of the MIT Sloan School of Management and Tsedal Beyene of Harvard Business School have published a paper that concludes face-to-face business meetings have tremendous value over video conferences or conference calls. Cultural and business insights are vital for developing relationships. From the paper:

Most important, visiting people at their locales and gaining awareness of their point of view help you understand how you and your operations are perceived – what we call ‘reflected knowledge.’ In other words, you develop knowledge about you through the eyes of the other. This knowledge helps you adapt your own work processes and behaviors, which in turn, fosters mutual trust and reduces work misunderstandings.

Planning Summer Travels? Now’s the Time to Buy as Fares Point Higher: Wall Street Journal’s “The Middle Seat” blog offers some tips for planning summer travel, arguing that travel fares have likely bottomed out. The videos toward the end offer lots of helpful “power travel” tips, too.

10 Easy Tips for Becoming a Carry-On Traveler: I always wonder how short the trip would need to be for me to really feel like I could be a carry-on traveler. I’m not sure these tips answer that question for me, but they do provide some help for packing light. (However, the author says he can pack for a 10-day trip in a 20-inch carry-on… that’s hardcore.) An important tip is that you can do laundry on your trip – even having it done at the hotel is likely less expensive than paying for a checked bag these days.

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