Best Eco-Travel for Coffee Lovers

Here at tugo we value a delicious cup of coffee. And in honor of Earth Day, we found the best eco-tourism locations for coffee lovers. Book your tickets and pack your french press – off we go.

Panama: Boquete, Panama has the world’s best coffee. That, according to coffee connosieurs the world over. Lonely Planet says CoffeeAdventures.net has the best coffee tour in the area. Each tour takes you from plant to cup to learn the process of growing, harvesting, roasting and drinking coffee. The tour also highlights fair trade practices and the emphasizes the processing plant’s environmental sustainability.


Costa Rica. Coffee has had a tremendous impact on the culture and society in Costa Rica. The Finca Maquengue Falls Resort focuses on eco-education and eco-tourism, offering a variety of activities, including a coffee plantation tour in this beautiful county. If you’re staying in Monteverde, you can take the Monteverde Coffee Tour, which includes not only coffee but a tour of other sustainable crops including bananas, plantain, orange and lime. The tour in Monteverde is offered in cooperation with Cooperativa Santa Elena, a fair-trade certified organization that ensures that farmers receive a just and honest price for their product.


Tanzania: On the other side of the ocean, you can also find a tour that will take you to the small coffee producers on the slopes of Mt. Meru in Tanzania. TheĀ Nkoaranga Village Coffee Project, a local fair-trade coffee growers’ cooperative supports local farmers with micro-finance loans. And if you can’t travel to Tanzania, you can buy the coffee online. See wild-tracks.com for more info on tours and coffee purchases.


Happy travels! And happy Earth Day! Tread lightly and drink good coffee.

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