Are You Goodtugo?


A Denver mom has rolled up her sleeves and invented the next big thing to solve what travel experts call “dwell time” – that time between airport arrival and boarding the airplant – a universal challenge for airline passengers.  It’s aimed at helping airport travelers manage the unique combination of rushing and then waiting about 1.25 hours in the airport.

The invention, called “tugo,” was unveiled at the Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas in early March.

What’s a “tugo?”  It’s a pliable molded drink holder that securely nestles a drink between the upright pair of handles on your rolling carry-on, that inventor Karen Porte believes will improve the traveling experience of overburdened, multi-bagged, multi-tasking travelers everywhere.

“It happens to all of us,” says Porte, “Travelers have their briefcase, laptop, handbag, and  carry-on, in a hurry to get to the gate while juggling a meal and beverage purchased in the terminal -  they just run out of hands.”

Porte says her training as a multi-tasking mom made her uniquely qualified to solve the problem of not having enough hands to do all that she wanted.

How did Porte prepare for her entrepreneurial career?  “I’ve never worked in business, but I’m an emergency room nurse so I know how to solve problems,” said Porte.

But Porte wanted to do more than just solve problems; if she was going into business she wanted to do it the right way.  She is clear on what she wants:  manufacture in the USA, use recyclable paperboard packaging, and use phthlate-free materials.

“We want to showcase an idea whose time has come,” said Porte.  “We know that travelers ‘get it’ immediately when they see it in use, so we’ll be demonstrating how the product securely holds a coffee or a soft drink to show attendees.”

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  1. Dana Wioskowski says:

    This product is great! I got to see a peak of it on it’s maiden voyage when the inventor was flying into Detroit Metro Airport in September last year. I’ve been watching for it on the net ever since. I can’t wait to by one!

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